Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Campaign Enters the Next Phase

Today I submitted the signatures of nearly 5,000 registered voters who signed my petition as a candidate for the position of school board member on the Buffalo School Board.

Now that my petitions have been submitted, the next phase of the campaign to retain  my seat as an At-Large Member of the Buffalo School Board begins.  Once the Board of Elections certifies that I have the required number of signatures (1000 are needed), I'll secure a place on the ballot.  But even now, I am proceeding on to the next phase of the campaign and that is to let the community know that this is the most IMPORTANT election of this year!

The outcome of this election may change the structure of Public Education in the City of Buffalo as we know it.  I need your support if we are to prevent the systematic dismantling of the Buffalo Public Schools from within!  Help me to get out the vote for people who care about our children, who are prepared to work hard to improve the educational achievement of our children and who will not create chaos in the District.

I'll be talking about the issues in this space coming up, so stay tuned and learn about the critical issues
that we are facing in the District and what we can do to resolve them.